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Homemade wrapping paper

Whilst there are some stunning wrapping papers around, I just can’t bring myself to buy it at £1.50 per sheet. Call me tight but look what my girls created instead. I know what I would rather get my gift wrapped in.

Mins loved it especially because it went all crinkly after she had blow dried it with the hair dryer! LOVE IT.

This was for a seven year old but I reckon grown ups would love it too.

It was very easy……

Get any old piece of paper

splat it with splat paints within an inch of it’s life

dry it with a hair dryer

wrap your gift

if you have flowers like this in your garden which we are very lucky to have, it’s a great finishing touch.



As seen in Vogue!

Well well well. VOGUE is one of my all time fave magazines and I am advertising one of my prints in the November Issue which is out now! Near the back in ‘Vogue’s Christmas Gift List…..Our top tips for wonderful gifts!’

The print advertised is ‘Flower Jack’.

Large version – 49x69cm – printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper – Limited Edition of 25 – £100.00

Smaller version – A3 – printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper – Limited Edition of 100 – £55.00

Price on discussion for a framed print depending on the style of frame.

Union Jack print FINISHED – I think!!!!!

Here is an update of my Union Jack Print. I am desperate to get it finished and printed on to canvas but I keep thinking there is more I can do and add to it. But I think the time has come to stop – finally!!!! I was debating printing on paper and framing but I think it would lend itself to being on canvas as it will give it so much more texture and more of a material feel to it.

I was watching a vintage flag on ebay the other day which in the end went for nearly £300.00! For me it all started with a bag but now I am seeing cushions, rugs, headboards, mugs, door mats EVERYWHERE! Hopefully having my canvas on the wall with stop me WANTING EVERYTHING! Yeah right, we’ll see how long it lasts!

If you want to buy this print on canvas please contact me at clarecockman@yahoo.co.uk for info on price and size.