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As seen in Vogue!

Well well well. VOGUE is one of my all time fave magazines and I am advertising one of my prints in the November Issue which is out now! Near the back in ‘Vogue’s Christmas Gift List…..Our top tips for wonderful gifts!’

The print advertised is ‘Flower Jack’.

Large version – 49x69cm – printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper – Limited Edition of 25 – £100.00

Smaller version – A3 – printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper – Limited Edition of 100 – £55.00

Price on discussion for a framed print depending on the style of frame.


3rd Anniversary!

November 25th 2009 – Toby and I had reached our 3rd wedding anniversary. Not that it was a mission to get there or anything! Though each year the girls get older our lives do get slightly easier!

Anyway with not much money to hand we decided we would just do a nice card for eachother. I started designing Toby’s and realised it was quite big. This gave me the idea of putting it in a frame and making it more of a present. I gave it to him in the morning and he smiled and walked in to the sitting room. I thought he loved it so much he was looking for somewhere to hang it! But what he was actually doing was taking me in to the sitting room to show me that he had done the very same thing for me. There was my print, framed and ready on the wall. I loved it so much we got it printed really big. I LOVE IT. Just goes to show you don’t need money to do something really nice and romantic. CHEESY OR WHAT!

This is the print Toby did for me and below is the one I did for him!