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Personalised Love Heart Prints

Well having I said I wouldn’t, I did!

I have taken the card designs, added a couple more, and made them in to prints.

I have an amazing new relationship with the most fantastic company PictureFrames.

I was always very nervous of framing before but having found this company and all the advice they have given me, my prints are now all framed. They are handmade to order and a really high quality. They are couriered to you in the safest possible way with all fixtures and fittings.

Now my prints can be delivered and hung on the wall within 5 days. AMAZING don’t you think!

Check out their website to see what they are all about. Frames pretty much in any size or colour but I am offering, for now all my prints in three standard frames, in black, white and solid oak.

These new prints are £85.00

Perfect for Valentines Day but also fab for Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or just to say ‘I Love You’ for no reason at all!

Anyway check them out.

Order direct from me or through notonthehighstreet


I miss your face love heart print

Personalised London Rocks Heart Print

Personalised Bike Heart PrintScreen shot 2013-01-28 at 15.41.44

Personalised Love Letters Heart PrintPersonalised Love Heart Print


New Love Birds Heart

New Love Birds Heart

Personalised Vintage Typewriter Print

Introducing you to my new print! On Sale on notonthehighstreet or direct through me. Whatever you would prefer.

London Print

Have designed a new print and absolutely love it. A customer at The Smithson Gallery Pop Up shop wanted a London Print designed to go with my New York one and so that is what I did!

Limited Edition of 50. No. 1 sold, No.2 printed and in the shop.

Same size and price as Paris and New York.

I think a Bristol one is on the cards very soon but am waiting to source some images. If you have any cool pics of Bristol please can I borrow them?!


‘Paris’ work in progress

(I just realised when adding this image above that when I printed it out to stick the letters on, the pink bit of the print was missing. Thought it didn’t look right. Anyway just ignore the fact that half the print is missing in the photos below!!!)

I have designed a new print which I love but I want to elevate it to a new level. I am trying to work out ways of doing this. First off I have decided to cut out the letters in the print and stick them on cardboard. Then I am going to stick them back on the print so they are raised from the background. But as I have no patience whatsoever, the cutting out of my letters left a lot to be desired. Anyway this is just a practice run.

Letters raised up and on top of the print.

Cards in Reason Interiors

I have delivered 80 cards to Reason Interiors, a beautiful shop on The Gloucester Road, Bristol. It’s full of really lovely things and hopefully my cards will sell well!

Here are the cards that are in there. They are on sale for £2.50.

You can also order these cards (5 or more) by contacting me at clareisaacsdesign@sky.com

A bit of Valentines Loving

Hi there. Love is in the air and I’m feeling generous!!!!! It doesn’t happen very often believe me! Today I am giving away a print. The first person to email me with the word ‘LOVE’ to clare.isaacs@yahoo.co.uk will receive this print.

Please include your name and address in the email and I will get it in the post asap.

Keep it or give to someone as a gift.

This Love NY Heart Print is my post popular print on notonthehighstreet, selling about 5 or more a month.

Good Luck and here goes!