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I know it has been an awfully quiet time on here! I have had rather a demanding but delicious three old to keep entertained. He is now at nursery three days a week and I have just taken part in the Totterdown Arts Trail which was amazing. If you came to see me then thanks it was a busy weekend.

Here are some pics of the things I was selling. Completely different from normal but wanted to get slowly back in to doing!


Xmas Scenes in a jar


Printed and Handmade cards


Sewing kits with pin cushions and Feet and hands pamper kit

painted kilner jars.jpg


Spray painted kilner jars with succulents

I have rather an obsession with kilner and mason jars so decided to do something based around that.

It all proved rather popular and not a lot was left at the end of the weekend.

I absolutely love being part of the Arts Trail. It is becoming more and more popular every year.