This print was a 30th birthday present for a couple who both turned 30 in the same month.

This print was commissioned by my lovely nutter of a friend, Conrad, for his beautiful girlfriend as her christmas present.

This print was also done as a Christmas present for some close friends of the girl that commissioned it. They are ballroom dancers, hence the dancing theme in this one!

Print for Ian Williams

I have just picked the print up, and I am so pleased with what you have done, you are very talented, it’s sensational!  Wow wow wow wow, I’m sat at home looking at it, not wanting to wrap it up as it looks so nice. (Ian Williams-a gift for his wife) *

Print for Charlotte Veale

‘Oh my God Clare, I absolutely love it! I could have cried when I saw it, I wouldn’t change a thing!’

Print for Fiona

Oh Clare it was simply beautiful…. It made me cry, it’s the best gift I’ve ever received! But the first thing I said when I opened it was “oh my word this is one of Clare Isaacs pieces, I don’t believe it’ Your work is stunning and such a heart felt personal message from giver to receiver, much needed xxx (Fiona Yuill)

Prices start at £150.00 for a print. Prices cheaper when working from a slight template but from scratch more!

Quotes can be given for framed and unframed prints. The frames would be handmade to a VERY high standard.

Please contact me via email to I look forward to hearing from you.

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