Here are a selection of cards and invitations I have done over the last few months. I will add some more soon…

Valentines Cards – 2013

Personalised Love Birds Valentines Card Personalised Valentines Card Personalised Butterfly Paris Valentines Card Personalised Love Birds Valentines Card Personalised Love Letters Valentines Card

Friends of the Elderly Christmas Card – 2012

fotexmascard-amended xmascard-blog

Christmas Cards – 2013

Print winterwonderland-2012-sm

London Card – 2013



This card design has been bought by James Ellis Stevens, card Publisher

This ‘I LOVE YOU MUM’ card sold out on

This is my mum’s mother’s day card, 2012

These cards below are designs bought and published by James Ellis Stevens

2 responses to “Cards/Invitations

  • Claudia

    How much would you charge for 80 wedding invitations, maybe of postcard size, personalised with 2 hearts – one “London” one “New York” (respective flags)

    • clareisaacs

      Hi. Thanks for your enquiry. I will get a quote together for you as soon as possible but would just like a bit more information before doing so! Postcard size but not an actual postcard? Just one sided? I will get a quote based on printing on Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper which is what I print all my prints on. It’s a beautiful thick, cotton paper and it is a luxury one! Would you like me to get quotes for a couple of different papers? I am more than happy to do so. It all depends on budget really. Would you like any text or is it just the flag/hearts that you have seen? I look forward to hearing back from you. Clare

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