Hi all. Clare Isaacs here – artist and designer. It’s about time I did this blog thing! Well I have had kind of a reason why I haven’t had the time before,
just the very fact of having 2 small girls at home hanging off my legs! But, now they are both at school I have the pleasure of a little bit more time
to concentrate on me. It takes a while to get used to!

Having kicked off my new found freedom with the Totterdown Arts Trail in November, I am now trying to get my work more widely seen. Since
the trail I have had 8 commissions which has been fantastic and really enjoyable. I aim to design lots more and work towards the arts trail of 2010.
Will keep you posted of new work and anything else in my life that may be of interest to you! speak soon. Clare

ps If you want to contact me please do so via email – clareisaacsdesign@sky.com

UPDATE – April 2011

Hi all. A quick update. I am now selling my work through notonthehighstreet.com. It’s going really really well.

I have also had 8 designs bought by the card publisher James Stevens. The cards and notebook will be out in the shops in 2012. Very exciting indeed.

I did an exhibition at Bocabar which was brilliant. Sold really well and it upped my profile. I have seen many more hits on my blog since then.

So all in all an amazing few months.  I am expecting my 3rd child – due date July 17th, so if I go quiet for a while around then you will know why!!!!!

Thanks for all your continuing support.



Hi. A quick update for you! My little boy (third child) is now 8 months and zooming round every bit of this house! I made a decision to not create any new work for a while as spending as much time as possible with Rafferty is the most important thing for me right now. I must admit I do have to force myself not to go near the computer. Will have to keep it locked away in my head for a while. For me right now the most creative I am getting is baking my own bread! I must admit to enjoying that very much though!

I am however now selling my cards (a new selection) in Reason Interiors, a beautiful shop on the Gloucester Road, Bristol. There is never much money to be made in cards but I do love them and thought it may be a great way to showcase some of my work and hopefully inspire customers to contact me for larger work!

I am also now selling my work on a new website called myindies.com. Check it out, though I haven’t uploaded things completely yet and there may still be a few minor errors somewhere!

I have put my prices up slightly due to costs of postage and paper and printing. I feel they are still fairly priced but I just didn’t have any option. Sorry!

Anyway that’s about it for now.

Thanks again for your continued support.


One response to “About

  • ben warrender

    Hi Clare,
    My wife and I saw your work oin the arts trail and I wondered if I could buy the heart picture with the birds on(on Not on the High Street for £10) and also wondered about the price of the bags.

    Kind regards,
    Ben Warrender

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