Kilner Jar Lights

So my Kilner Jar obsession needed somewhere else to go. I am also rather in love with lighting so what is more perfect than making a Kilner Jar in to a light!

I realised that it wasn’t going to be that easy and wanted them to look as professional as possible. This involved tools and hours of searching the net for the right bits and pieces. I wanted them to look expensive and give justice to the amount of time they take the make!!

I also think that the bulb is very important as it is the main feature of the jar. I have used Edison Bulbs. They too are rather expensive so although I am selling these lights for £65 I can totally justify this cost.

Take a look……


There are many different cable colours to choose from too. I have made then with black, blue and red so far.

You can either have them as a table lamp or hang round a hook from the wall. Can even been hung from a ceiling rose in groups of three or more! The possibilities are endless!!

Please email for more information or to purchase one of these stunning lights.


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