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Personalised Vintage Typewriter Print

Introducing you to my new print! On Sale on notonthehighstreet or direct through me. Whatever you would prefer.


London Print

Have designed a new print and absolutely love it. A customer at The Smithson Gallery Pop Up shop wanted a London Print designed to go with my New York one and so that is what I did!

Limited Edition of 50. No. 1 sold, No.2 printed and in the shop.

Same size and price as Paris and New York.

I think a Bristol one is on the cards very soon but am waiting to source some images. If you have any cool pics of Bristol please can I borrow them?!



I have a Flower Jack Print up for grabs.

69x49cm in size

Printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet, a gorgeous velvety British made paper.

Giclee Print Limited edition (12/25)

£125.00 Free Post and Packing



With this print, receive a print of the same size. This Flower Union Jack Heart Print for absolutely no money whatsoever!!!!

Offer running until Friday 30th November. All in the spirit of an approaching Christmas!!!

Charity Christmas Card

Right then. I am selling some packs of my charity Christmas Cards to help raise as much money as possible for the Friends of the Elderly. A very worthy cause indeed in my opinion.

A pack of 5 Christmas cards of the same design. These cards incorporate the drawings and Christmas memories of the residents of Friends of the Elderly’s Residential Care Home in Hampshire. All profits raised from the sale of these cards will help to support Friends of the Elderly’s vital work assisting isolated older people.

The cards are A6 in size and packaged in sets of 5.
Per pack of 5  £3.60 + postage
Postage costs are
90p for 1 pack, £1.20 for 2 packs, £2 for 3-5 packs, £3 for 6-7 packs, £4.30 for 8-10 packs and £5 for 10+.
To purchase please email
or text
07867 542942

Designs for my paperweights

Here are some designs I have put together for my paperweights. What do you think? Which is your favourite?

Clare x

‘Paris’ work in progress

(I just realised when adding this image above that when I printed it out to stick the letters on, the pink bit of the print was missing. Thought it didn’t look right. Anyway just ignore the fact that half the print is missing in the photos below!!!)

I have designed a new print which I love but I want to elevate it to a new level. I am trying to work out ways of doing this. First off I have decided to cut out the letters in the print and stick them on cardboard. Then I am going to stick them back on the print so they are raised from the background. But as I have no patience whatsoever, the cutting out of my letters left a lot to be desired. Anyway this is just a practice run.

Letters raised up and on top of the print.


I often wonder why I start these projects when I have little time to breathe as it is but I just can’t seem to help myself.

I was desperately seeking blank domes to make paperweights out of but alas, after literally 6 weeks of surfing the net I just couldn’t find them cheap enough. Now that I have the kit and have made one myself I am starting to think that any amount would have been worth it!!

It stinks, it’s messy and very time consuming. Strangely though, quite satisfying. Before I get too carried away I haven’t actually made more than the dome itself yet! I have designed the images to go on them and will order the felt for their bottoms soon.

Thought I would document their progress so below are picks of my naked dome!!