Monthly Archives: July 2012

Teachers Gift

Now I don’t usually go this mad when giving a gift to a teacher at the end of term but this is different! Miss Makins (Jess) has taught both my girls and is now leaving to go travelling. I truly feel sorry for those who won’t get to have her as a teacher. Both my girls are completely in love with her. She has been a real inspiration and to be honest, she really is a hard act to follow.

So….as she has been so important to my two girls I made her a lovely print. Not sure what she’ll do with it while she’s travelling for a year but never mind!

I added some pink glitter to the hearts which looked fab and framed it in a black box frame. I did take some pics but they didn’t turn out very well. (in a rush, taken with phone!).


7th Sea, Bristol

Just to let you know that I now have cards for sale in a beautiful new shop in Bristol. It’s called 7th Sea and is well worth a look. My lovely friend Emma makes wonderful jewellry (which I must stop buying!) and it’s full of other fab homemade stuff!

7th Sea, Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

Homemade wrapping paper

Whilst there are some stunning wrapping papers around, I just can’t bring myself to buy it at £1.50 per sheet. Call me tight but look what my girls created instead. I know what I would rather get my gift wrapped in.

Mins loved it especially because it went all crinkly after she had blow dried it with the hair dryer! LOVE IT.

This was for a seven year old but I reckon grown ups would love it too.

It was very easy……

Get any old piece of paper

splat it with splat paints within an inch of it’s life

dry it with a hair dryer

wrap your gift

if you have flowers like this in your garden which we are very lucky to have, it’s a great finishing touch.