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Commission complete!

I have just finished a commission for such a lovely lady.


Add pic of her two boys.

She’s lived in Bristol all her life so wanted some references to that.

She loves my hearts, union jack stuff.

She loves the Beatles song lyrics ‘All You Need Is Love’


It was a real pleasure doing it. Here is the finished print. It is A2 in size and will be printed on Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper and then I am having a white hand made frame made for it. It is going to look faberoony.

For more information and to order a commission for yourself please contact me at

Prices start at £150.00 (Price is dependent on size and frame).




Just to let you all know that I have Limited Edition Prints of 100 of…

‘Flower Union Jack’ Print

Landscape and Portrait ‘Union Jack’ Prints

They look gorgeous at this size and are a standard size for framing easily.

Get one now – £55.00 UNFRAMED including postage in a parcel tube with certificate of authenticity.

All printed on the beautiful Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper – archival for 200 years, acid free and 100% cotton.

Please contact for sales

Mother’s Day Print

I designed a Mother’s Day Card for my Mum last year and I have used the base of this card to design this new print. I have hand finished it in gold leaf paint to give it that extra sparkle. I will upload a pic of it framed with the gold leaf so you can see what it looks like finished.

If you want one for your mum, order one soon! Contact

Here it is.

12 x 12 cm

Unframed £20.00


I delivered 4 prints to a lovely little shop in Brislington called Tenderfoot.

They are having a valentines opening night on Wednesday night so hopefully my ‘love’ prints will go down well.

The four prints now in there are

1. ‘Mother’s Day’ Print

2. ‘Personalised Two Hearts’ Print

3. ‘Love Birds’ Print

4. ‘Love UJ’ Print

‘Love Me’ Print

I just can’t help myself!!!!

When faced with lots of work to do I spend my day designing a new print!!! I just couldn’t help myself. The idea just popped in to my head and there was no way I was going to be able to not do it!!

Here it is!

I have printed one 12 x 12 cm and hand finished it in gold and silver leaf paint. Will pop that photograph up when it’s done.

I am also going to get it printed 29 x 29 cm in size as think it will work really well on a larger scale.

Love Me Print

Large 29 x 29cm – £100.00 framed  £70.00 unframed

Small 12 x 12cm – £50.00 framed  £35.00 unframed

Post and Packaging costs will be added on the framed versions

New American Print

As I sold a large print at my show on the first night, I need something to replace it when I take it down! So I thought I would see how this AMERICAN FLAG PRINT goes down.

It is taken mostly from the landscape American Heart Flag Print that I did previously but I wanted to do something the same size as my Paris Print as this has been so popular. A print of Paris and NY are never going to be any where near the same as they differ so greatly as cities. But I thought it would be nice to continue with the AMAZING CITY theme!

New York Print

£100.00 framed

£70.00 unframed

Post and Packaging costs are charged on top for framed version

New Heart Shapes!