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Here is a valentines print/card which can be personlised with any words of your choice.

HOT OFF THE PRESS – (though not quite on the press yet)!

Hi all. It being valentines day very soon I would like to encourage anyone out there to ask me to make their loved one a card or a lovely print. You can have a completely unique one or one you have already seen and liked! As you can see I quite like ‘love’ and ‘hearts’!

I am also showing you a  little look at what I have been designing in the past few days and weeks. None of it is quite finished yet but very nearly. See what you think.

I am also wondering about setting up another website as an online shop. What do you reckon? My lovely friend Zoe did make a very good point, in that it’s all very well having work on notonthehighstreet but do men really look at it and does everyone know you can buy prints on there? Anyway all just ideas in the pipe line. All feedback is very much welcome.

Am just about to send off some artwork to go on mugs too so will show you those as soon as I get them. Back.


American Stuff!

All three hearts are seperate prints (though not finished) and can be personalised with a city of your choice.

London, Paris and New York Print


Opening night – Wednesday 2nd Feb.


Be lovely to see you all there. There is even a free glass of wine available. Now surely that is worth it in itself!


I will be exhibiting with Paul Farrell and Emma Garner.


And I am very excited!!!!



I send prints out to customers on notonthehighstreet nearly every day and never hear any feedback. Having people actually give you money for your work is a compliment in itself for sure but still I want more! I have completed one big commission and another smaller one in the last couple of weeks and the comments I received were just flimmin fantastic. Without sounding cheesy they quite simply made my day, and some, hearing them. I put alot of myself in to my work and so to hear good things really does make me go all warm and gooey inside!!!!!!!

Anyway I will shut up now and show you those very quotes.

I have just picked the print up, and I am so pleased with what you have done, you are very talented, it’s sensational!  Wow wow wow wow, I’m sat at home looking at it, not wanting to wrap it up as it looks so nice. (Ian Williams-a gift for his wife) *

And another one

Oh Clare it was simply beautiful…. It made me cry, it’s the best gift I’ve ever received! But the first thing I said when I opened it was “oh my word this is one of Clare Isaacs pieces, I don’t believe it’ Your work is stunning and such a heart felt personal message from giver to receiver, much needed xxx (Fiona Yuill)



I am having an exhibition at Bocabar in the Paintworks in January. I will keep you posted of the date and the opening night party. I am very excited as it’s my first proper exhibition. I know I hung and sold some work in the little deli round the corner but this is a big exhibition space with other proper artists. Very grown up and exciting and I can’t quite believe it still!!! I wonder what it will take for me to believe in myself!!!



This is the first print I have had professionally framed and it looks beautiful. It was framed by a very lovely lady called Leigh (Tunnadine Bespoke Framing). From now on I am going to get my work framed in this way but it will push the prices right up. I promise it is worth it. Especially when you have a limited edition print that is guaranteed to last for 200 years!!!