Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hello again!!!!

Goodness me! Where have I been!?!?!

I am so envious of people who have these amazing blogs. They work really hard producing amazing work but then manage to find the time to update their blog. I am not one of those people!!! Maybe in another lifetime.

Since last updating I have been SO busy. My work is selling well on and also there was, of course, the 2010 Totterdown Arts Trail.

So maybe I could be slightly let off!?! Or maybe not! Anyway here is a look at all the new work I have produced in the last couple of months.

There is also more to come.

Totterdown Arts Trail 2010

The House during the show

The house back to normal!?!?!!?

NEW WORK – A selection of (for now!)

This PARIS print sold REALLY well.