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Well finally here it is in situ! The only place we found for it was in our bedroom. At first I thought it was a shame to have it somewhere I wouldn’t get to see it very often, but already it is something that I love looking at before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up in the morning. It goes beautifully with the blue on the wall and so there it will stay until we have a bigger house when i feel it is something that needs a prime spot above a fire!

I am selling this size canvas for £400.00. They are 40 x 32 x2 inches in size.

For purchases, other sizes or for printing on paper and framing etc, please contact me at

From point of purchase to your house = 10 days.

Photos by Toby Isaacs

This print is also for sale on Etsy

Union Jack has gone to print!

At last this has gone to print. I can’t wait til Friday when I will pick up a huge canvas!! I will get a photo on here of it on the wall as soon
as I have actually found a space for it. This could be quite tricky since our house has recently become a bit of an art gallery and Toby bought
rather large floor lamp the other day which seems to take up rather a lot of room.

‘Union Jack’ will soon be on sale on Etsy or available to buy directly from me. I will be getting postcards and tags printed too. A whole range!!

If you’ve noticed there is a huge amount of union jack stuff around at the moment but I haven’t actually seen anything like mine out there yet!

Here is the final version. The blue edges will be wrapped around the sides of the box frame and I have managed to sneak Toby’s valentines heart in there too!

My lovely Mummy’s Mother’s day card